Reptilian Statue at Horyuji Temple, Japan

Reptilian Statue at Horyuji Temple, Japan

In Japan, during Edo era (the period Shogun ruled), we had hierarchy.
The top class was Samurai (warriors).
The second class was farmers.
The third class was industrial workers
The fourth class was merchants.
The bottom was NON-HUMANS! (=Reptilians)

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Non-humans were described as people living in remote village far from cities or towns. They kill and eat animals.
At that time, killing and eating animal was against GOD, and people were afraid of getting karma. So shogun and samurais asked those non-human people to make their leather armors and paid money to them.
Non-humans also were the ones to execute criminals by beheading.
They were discriminated by Japanese society. Now, they mingle with people, and it is hard to distinguish because they are wearing human holograms. But still they are very sensitive about discrimination just like Jews.

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