Who is Vall Owens

Activist Vall Owens

Activist Vall Owens

Son of a Baptist minister from Jacksonville, Florida, Vall Owens never imagined that he’d walk any where near the path of religion. Hailed for his heaven gifted talent to see an connect the things in black and white, he began his mission to bring the hidden to light.

Yes, it is written we should walk by faith and not by sight, but the problem with today’s Christianity is that our sight have been limited in regards to what we’re privy to see. Because of this the faith that many believers of Elohim should have, have been stripped away.

– Vall Owens (from lost podcast 2018)

Starting off as a Christian activist in 2014 regurgitating things he had heard spending his entire life in the church, Panda began to study and research for himself. The more Panda researched, the more he began to break the chains of religion. Since breaking those chains, he has made it his life’s purpose to help others see the truth.

WokeChurch Who we are

Reaching the Entire World with the Message of Hope.

WokeChurch’s origins and growth is a result of it’s members. People yearning for answers. We don’t care about public opinion or political correctness. The only thing that matters is the truth and connecting the dots.

We do not consider ourselves Christians because even scripture teaches that Christian was a derogatory term during the time of its creation. We pray to Elohim because even Jesus instructed us to do so. You wont find crosses on our website because we were instructed to not make any graven images.

Our mission is to promote  and encourage walking by faith not by sight, by showing our members what have been removed from our sight to increase their faith. Jesus told the people, if you follow me an speak the things I speak, you will be hated. He warned that this path will be a lonely one.

So... Why Woke?

What do we mean by Woke?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, 99% of today’s churches and religious organizations’ have it wrong. They are victims of regurgitation. Many began their knowledge based on things they grew up learning, and build from that particular foundation. s leads to the deterioration of us as a people. We create wars, break up families, take on views and esteem men to power based on misconceptions. Religion in the form and application it currently is, has left the world asleep


Using research and trth it is our founder’s beief that we can wake up and spread love and truth. This belief is the foundation of Wokechurch.


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